Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner <p>Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner <a href="">ISSN 2962-9209</a> <a href="">DOI 10.59944</a> with SK ISSN <a href="">BRIN Decree Letter</a> is a national journal published four times a year published by <a href="">Yayasan Azhar Amanaa Yogyakarta</a>. The focus of this journal's discussion covers the fields of scientific studies related to Islam and culture which are reviewed using an interdisciplinary approach. This journal is published four times a year in<strong> January</strong>, <strong>April</strong>,<strong> July</strong> and <strong>October</strong>.</p> Yayasan Azhar Amanaa Yogyakarta en-US Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner 2962-9209 Fiqh of diversity in the frame of tolerance as a pillar of indonesian integrity <p><strong><em>Abstract</em></strong></p> <p><em>This article discusses the construction of diversity jurisprudence in the context of tolerance as a pillar of the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. By exploring fiqh thoughts from various schools of thought, the importance of tolerance in caring for the diversity of religions and beliefs in Indonesia. The focus is on how understanding fiqh can be the basis for tolerance in heterogeneous religious life in Indonesia. This research is a literature study that uses qualitative methods. The approach used is descriptive analysis to describe research objects based on facts in the literature. This method allows for an in-depth study of the subject under study. The findings of this research state that 1) An attitude of tolerance and openness in responding to differences of opinion in jurisprudence is an integral part of universal Islamic teachings. 2) The Prophet implemented a pattern of resolving differences of opinion respectfully, where each party has arguments that are respected and considered fairly. 3) The importance of dialogue, open discussion and empathy in dealing with differences of opinion as part of the rich and diverse Islamic intellectual tradition. 4)</em><em>&nbsp;</em><em>An attitude of tolerance towards differences in jurisprudential opinion has a significant impact on the harmony and unity of religious communities in Indonesia. The implications of this research include building awareness of the importance of tolerance in maintaining the integrity of the country, strengthening the foundations of an inclusive nation, and avoiding potential conflict in a diverse society.</em></p> Agustiar Zaid Barzenji Ali Saif Bassam Badar Ja'far Al Kutsairi Umar Ahmad Salem Ibrahim bin Salem Copyright (c) 2024 Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner 2024-05-29 2024-05-29 39 51 10.59944/amorti.v3i2.296 Scientific perspective on rukyatul hilal: A case study of assalam kartasura sukoharjo observatory <p><em>In essence, rukyat is looking deeply to see whether the moon has undergone changes to indicate the change of the moon or not. With the advancement of the times, observations no longer only use manual binoculars but are supported by various adequate equipment, making it very easy to carry out observations. . Therefore, it is important for humanity to understand what an observatory is and its uses. This research uses qualitative methods supported by documentation and direct field research at the Assalam observatory in Sukoharjo, Central Java. The results of this research are the contribution of the Assalam Observatory in the implementation of rukyatul hilal in Indonesia. The Assalam Observatory is also the Secretary General of JOPI (Indonesian Planetarium Observatory Network) so its involvement in rukyatul hilal is beyond doubt. So far, the results of observations at the Assalam observatory are at 7-8 degrees every month.</em></p> Riky Supratama Elisa Putri Kholifah Amartya Nadienil Millah Warda Helwiyah Copyright (c) 2024 Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner 2024-05-27 2024-05-27 10.59944/amorti.v3i2.293 Cosmology of dewa ruci in the islamic tasawuf perspective <p>This study examines the cosmology of Dewa Ruci from the perspective of Islamic mysticism, focusing on faith, purity, and spiritual journey. The research aims to explore how the concept of Dewa Ruci in Javanese narratives relates to Islamic mysticism. To achieve this goal, the research method used is library research, involving the study of classical texts and literature related to Islamic mysticism as well as the stories of Dewa Ruci. The findings indicate that the cosmology of Dewa Ruci reflects harmony between Islam and Javanese culture, with Dewa Ruci symbolizing values. This study enhances our understanding of how Islamic teachings are conveyed through traditional narratives, enriching our understanding of Javanese cultural heritage and beliefs.</p> Ngatmin Abbas Sukari Faruq Alhabsi Habib Assalam Copyright (c) 2024 Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner 2024-05-23 2024-05-23 10.59944/amorti.v3i2.286 Fiqh education for adolescent girls: Study of the latanun nisa in temanggung, indonesia <p>Many adolescent girls in Brongkol Village lack understanding regarding the distinction between menstrual bleeding (haid) and abnormal vaginal bleeding (istihadhah), crucial aspects of the fiqh of worship governing Muslim women's daily lives. This study aims to explore the urgency, implications, advantages, and disadvantages of women's fiqh education through the Ianatun Nisa book among adolescent girls in Brongkol Village, Temanggung Sub-District. Conducted as field research, this qualitative study adopts a phenomenological approach, gathering data through interviews, observations, and documentation. Data analysis involves collection, reduction, presentation, and conclusion drawing, with data validity ensured through source triangulation. Findings indicate the significance of women's fiqh education for adolescent girls in Brongkol Village. Studying menstrual bleeding (haid) and abnormal vaginal bleeding (istihadhah) is obligatory, impacting their daily worship practices like prayer and fasting. Positive impacts include improved understanding through expository and reflective approaches, facilitated by lecture and discussion methods. However, challenges such as limited Arabic pegon Javanese script literacy among adolescent girls and methodological constraints hinder effective implementation.</p> Laeli Aulia Ifani Muhammad Chafidz Ali Wafa Sigit Tri Utomo Ana Sofiyatul Azizah Copyright (c) 2024 Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner 2024-05-23 2024-05-23 10.59944/amorti.v3i2.198 Marriage decline rate phenomenon in indonesia and its relevance to marriage encouragement in islam <p>This research examines the phenomenon of declining marriage rates in Indonesia and its relevance to the recommendation of marriage in the perspective of the Qur'an and Hadith. Data from the Central Statistics Agency shows a decrease in marriages over the last 6 years by 438,916 marriages. The causes are social, economic, and psychological factors, such as a free lifestyle, a focus on career advancement, unstable financial conditions, pursuing education, divorce trauma, egocentrism, and despair in finding a partner. A review of QS. An-Nur (24): 32-33 and Hadith Bukhari No. 5066 shows that the recommendation to marry aims to channel desire through the means permitted by Allah and to avoid the act of fornication. Delaying marriage in Indonesia does not contradict the recommendation to marry as long as the youth can refrain from the act of fornication. However, marriage has a more noble meaning than just the release of desire, which is the realization of sakinah, mawaddah, rahmah, and the perfection of half of one's religion. It is suggested that policymakers assist the younger generation who delay marriage by providing them with provision, training, capital, and post-marriage guidance.</p> Arwa Sya’ima Widiyanto Zainal Arifin Copyright (c) 2024 Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner 2024-05-23 2024-05-23 10.59944/amorti.v3i2.291 The priority of istima' skills in arabic learning <p>Istima' is a very important activity in our lives, and a means for the first time in human life to be able to reach the stage of good community interaction. This research is a library research, which examines various books and the results of previous research that discuss the same theme to obtain a theoretical basis for the problem under study. The objective of Istima' learning is to enrich children's vocabulary so that it helps students when learning to read and write. The istima lesson' is considered by most teachers to not need to be taught because it is already implicit in the other three components of language skills. The urgency of learning istima' skills before other language skills can be observed from the process of language development in children before they can read and write, they can speak first, what they talk about, of course not deviate from what they listen to everyday.</p> Muhammad Syafii Tampubolon Rahmad Ilahi Copyright (c) 2024 Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner 2024-05-23 2024-05-23 10.59944/amorti.v3i2.285